Syska personal care Are your personal care products

Syska personal care Are your personal care products  

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Washington: Do you know that your everyday exposure to everyday harmful chemicals can land you into serious trouble? A recent study has found that people exposed to chemicals called Phthalates, increasing the risk of metabolic disorders.
The study was discussed in the meeting ECE 2019
Researchers found a correlation between levels of phthalate
exposure and markers of impaired liver function, which are
indicators of increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
These findings suggest that more
actions may need to be taken to
reduce people’s exposure to these potentially harmful, yet
commonly used chemicals. Phthalates are common additives used
in manufacturing to produce plastics and they can be found in
numerous everyday items including milk, bottled water, instant
coffee, perfume, makeup, shampoo, toys, and food packaging.
Exposure to endocrine-disrupting
chemicals have
previously been
implicated in causing serious harm to fertility and development,
as well as increased obesity risk in
rodents and people, however,
no studies have directly investigated how Phthalate exposure is
associated with obesity and metabolism.
In this study, Professor Milica Medi Stojanoska, one of the
researchers correlated the levels of Phthalate absorbed by people
with their body weight, type 2 diabetes incidence and markers of
impaired liver and metabolic function. Higher exposure to the
the chemical
was associated
with increased markers of liver
insulin resistance, and cholesterol in people with obesity and
Prof Stojanoska says, “Although a small association study, these
findings suggest that not only do phthalates alter metabolism to
increase the risk of obesity and
diabetes but that 
They Are Also
causing toxic damage to the liver.” Prof Stojanoska’s research is
now looking at the effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on
human health in adults, adolescents, and babies.

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